Tuesday, August 25, 2009

calling all woodstock fans...

there is a growing fashion trend that I have been somewhat on the fence about. one that can either make or break one's image.

it can look fabulous or completely CHEESY.

drum roll please......


i myself have tried this look, however i think that i bought the wrong hairbands (or...perish the thought....i have a GIANT noggin) because:

a)  my hair kept mushrooming up from how tight the hairband wrapped around my head

b) i felt like i was having an aneurysm from the pressure on my skull, not to mention the fantastic stripe that was slapped across my forehead after taking off the hairband.
while mrs. peter wentz does pull off the hippie image without looking cheesy, i'm wondering if it's a look most twenty-something fashionistas such as myself and my fabulous group of friends can also rock?

any votes? to hairband or not to hairband?

for all of you Urban Outfitter fans, here's another hairband that I found to be totally H-O-T. i am a huge fan of the vintage look, and this one really set the bar with rad and trendy hair accessories. 

let me know what you all think of this trend, and if you have any referrels as to where i can find some comfortable hairbands that don't threaten to squeeze my brain out of the top of my skull PLEASE PASS THEM ON TO ME!




  1. i say do it!!! i want to but also have not found the one that works with my GINORMOUS head! whoa..

    love them though!!

  2. go for it love!! check out mandizzle...she has some awesome ones...

  3. I really love the look, but haven't sported the around the forehead look. But the Mandizzle does have GORG stuff!


the votes are in....