Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mad about...

...Mad Men.

If you have not heard of or seen this show, please climb out from underneath that rock of yours and indulge in this absolutely d-i-v-i--n-e dramatic series. This show is now in it's 3rd (yay!) season, and I am still (if not more) utterly infatuated with every aspect of it.

Set in the early 60's, this show is based on a Manhattan advertising firm (hence the catch-phrase "Mad Men", which was dubbed by advertising execs back in the 60's). I can guarantee you will not find a smarter, sexier, or more fabulously wardrobe-d series. EVER.

Aside from the extremely swoon-worthy Don Draper (the hot exec every secretary WISHES they could fetch coffee for), I have to say my two favorite characters are

Joan (the busty Ging' Office Manager)

and Betty (Don Draper's stay-at-home wife)

you get the Marilyn and the Grace Kelly. Both have an equally powerful presence in the show, and both have closets full of dresses I would pillage any vintage store to obtain.

i die. 

this show airs every Sunday at 10pm (PST) on AMC. Yes, i realize that channel is generally tivo'd by your grandma, but this show is definitely Generation X friendly.  So do yourself a favor and take a gander at this amazing series.

you'll thank me later!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


have i mentioned how much I ADORE  
the cure?

and not in the standard emo-teenage kid-going-through-a-tough-time-at-home-and-wants-to-slit-his-wrists type of adoration. 

the cure is yes, very dark, goth-rock music. 

yes, lead singer Robert Smith does resemble Edward Scissorhands (but is just as sexy as Johnny Depp). 

however, i think that Smith has one of the best/sexiest/gimme more/major talented voices i've ever heard. the band's version of "Love Song" is far better than 311's, and "A Forest" gives me serious heart palpitations. 

also, the fact that this band has carved it's own music genre amidst the oh-so-trendy punk rock and new wave movements back in the late '70's and early 80's and is STILL thumping the air waves is even more reason to give the Cure mad props and respect. 

may i present...

top 10 Cure songs by far
(and in no particular order because i LUVVRRR them all):

1. Seventeen Seconds
 2. Perfect Girl
3. Only One

4. Love Song
5. A Forest
6. Just Like Heaven
7. It's Friday I'm in Love
8. Close to Me
9. Why Can't I be You?
10. Pictures of You

so...turn off your cellular devices, close the blinds, lock the doors, and give yourself some SERIOUSLY dedicated time in order to honor the listening pleasure of one of the greatest bands to ever cross over the Atlantic to the shores of the United States. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

'Tis the Season...

for new shoes!!

Ladies....place your eyes on these little beauties from Guess. They're new arrivals...yay newbies!


so, here's the low down on these pretty puppies

*black patent bow

*peep toe

*hidden platform

*black lace on beige base

*$110 (not my favorite aspect)

I have not seen these fabulous kicks in person, but they do seem to have a bit of pin-up girl style to them.

overall impression?

in the words of Ashlee Simpson: 




oh Audrey!

I'm a huge fan of classic movies, and one of my favorite (and probably the most timeless) actresses of all is 
Miss Audrey Hepburn.
her movies are always well written, and with her charm and grace she manages to really connect with her character, no matter what the role is.

Perhaps one of my favorite films from her is "Funny Face", starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.
Hepburn plays Jo Stockton, an opinionated bookie turned model who is discovered by photographer Dick Avery (aptly played by Astaire). The movie is shot on location in Paris

It's the classic love story (which all us romantic saps adore)


there are some fabulous musical bits, that surprisingly are NOT cheesy. not one bit. 
my favorite number was "Think Pink!" 

anyway...classics never die, and this flick is definitely one for the books.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dead leaves and the dirty ground

soooo....2 blogs in 1 day. yikes. i might be getting addicted to this. 
i'm wrapping up another mundane day at the office, and to my delight what delicious sound should spring from xm radio? 
the haunting, psychedelic, scrumdiddlyumptious
W H I T E  S T R I P E S 
meg and jack white of The White Stripes
 for those of you who love this band, you should also check out Jack White's latest side project known as Dead Weather. This band consists of Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Dean Fertitia (Queens of the Stone Age), Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), and of course, Jack White. it's a similar sound to the white stripes, but just a splash more rock n' roll added to it. 
i die.  

ahhhh true love

for the past 5 years or so, the epidemic of oversized sunglasses has taken over the fashion industry in a huge wave. i myself am a major fan....i don't care if my brothers make fun of me saying i "look like a bug". Jackie O set the stage for this image, and i believe it will continue to carry on for many years to come.

about 2 years ago, i made a fantastic investment in some Von Zipper shades (mine are black)

* Von Zipper "Dharma" *

and last year a very dapper gentleman gifted me with these lovelies

* Anon "Luce" *

and i have been absolutely DROOLING over these new windows for my noggin
* Von Zipper "Riviera" *

at the end of the day, i feel like your accessories should make a statement about who you are. i like to feel fabulous but not fussy....calm, collected, and cool. i like to exude confidence, yet still be down to earth. 
OF COURSE a pair of these brand spankin' new shades have no business other than being in my possession.
happy shopping everyone!