Thursday, September 24, 2009


have i mentioned how much I ADORE  
the cure?

and not in the standard emo-teenage kid-going-through-a-tough-time-at-home-and-wants-to-slit-his-wrists type of adoration. 

the cure is yes, very dark, goth-rock music. 

yes, lead singer Robert Smith does resemble Edward Scissorhands (but is just as sexy as Johnny Depp). 

however, i think that Smith has one of the best/sexiest/gimme more/major talented voices i've ever heard. the band's version of "Love Song" is far better than 311's, and "A Forest" gives me serious heart palpitations. 

also, the fact that this band has carved it's own music genre amidst the oh-so-trendy punk rock and new wave movements back in the late '70's and early 80's and is STILL thumping the air waves is even more reason to give the Cure mad props and respect. 

may i present...

top 10 Cure songs by far
(and in no particular order because i LUVVRRR them all):

1. Seventeen Seconds
 2. Perfect Girl
3. Only One

4. Love Song
5. A Forest
6. Just Like Heaven
7. It's Friday I'm in Love
8. Close to Me
9. Why Can't I be You?
10. Pictures of You

so...turn off your cellular devices, close the blinds, lock the doors, and give yourself some SERIOUSLY dedicated time in order to honor the listening pleasure of one of the greatest bands to ever cross over the Atlantic to the shores of the United States. 


  1. YES!!! love the cure...LONG LIVE THE CURE!!!

  2. amen sister! love it! btw- so so so excited for next weeks pedi trip! ps- i'll be by my self tomorrow night....jordans gone! come hang out and eat with me!! hahaaa!

  3. Turn up the volume...blare it loud!!!

  4. Pictures of you is one of my favorite songs EVER!!! LOVE THE CURE!!!

  5. yeyeyeyey!!! seriously MUSICAL SOUL MATES!!!! there are SO many more songs i would want or change on my playlist...BUT i listen to it at work and family members visit the i can only push the envelope s o far...ya know...but i definitely think music ties you and i together woman!!!

  6. GOOD LUCK on your race next weekend. you'll do fabulous!


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