Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ahhhh true love

for the past 5 years or so, the epidemic of oversized sunglasses has taken over the fashion industry in a huge wave. i myself am a major fan....i don't care if my brothers make fun of me saying i "look like a bug". Jackie O set the stage for this image, and i believe it will continue to carry on for many years to come.

about 2 years ago, i made a fantastic investment in some Von Zipper shades (mine are black)

* Von Zipper "Dharma" *

and last year a very dapper gentleman gifted me with these lovelies

* Anon "Luce" *

and i have been absolutely DROOLING over these new windows for my noggin
* Von Zipper "Riviera" *

at the end of the day, i feel like your accessories should make a statement about who you are. i like to feel fabulous but not fussy....calm, collected, and cool. i like to exude confidence, yet still be down to earth. 
OF COURSE a pair of these brand spankin' new shades have no business other than being in my possession.
happy shopping everyone!


  1. oh i'm all about the big lenses. i too have the von zipper dharmas. LOVE 'EM!

  2. LOVE ME SOME OVERSIZED SHADES!!! YESSIRE!! i love the von zippers!!!

  3. Just stopping in from SITS to say HI! I'm a huge fan of Jackie O' and of ginormous sunglasses :)

    Happy Tuesday! Come over and check out my "5 DAYS OF GIVE-A-WAYS"!

  4. does it count if i get mine at target???


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