Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dead leaves and the dirty ground

soooo....2 blogs in 1 day. yikes. i might be getting addicted to this. 
i'm wrapping up another mundane day at the office, and to my delight what delicious sound should spring from xm radio? 
the haunting, psychedelic, scrumdiddlyumptious
W H I T E  S T R I P E S 
meg and jack white of The White Stripes
 for those of you who love this band, you should also check out Jack White's latest side project known as Dead Weather. This band consists of Alison Mosshart (The Kills), Dean Fertitia (Queens of the Stone Age), Jack Lawrence (The Raconteurs), and of course, Jack White. it's a similar sound to the white stripes, but just a splash more rock n' roll added to it. 
i die.  


  1. Thanks for the tip!!! Gonna go do that right now.

  2. ummmm i think we need to dress like zombies and do a photo shoot like that last pic right there...completely creepy

  3. LADY!!!! I LOVE THE WHITE STRIPES AND THE DEAD WEATHER!!! oh my gosh freaking out...you are my musical soul mate right now!!!! YEY FOR US!!!! and all of the bands these folks come from....OH MY LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!

  4. oh my goodness...left you a comment to your comment on my comments...bwa! email me!

  5. haha! uh yea...you noticed. my boyfriend's mom is very crafty and makes all sorts of girly things. she made that for me from a salt shaker but no it doesn't have salt in it. she filled it with body powder. i didn't know where else to put it! LOL!

    anywho, love white stripes too.

  6. thanks for stopping by! Love your pics.


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