Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So the Hills has somehow made it to another season. This time, good ol' Kristen Cavalerie (sp?) is running the show. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but didn't she take over Laguna Beach after Lauren left that show as well? And didn't she say she was getting out of "reality tv" to begin a legit acting career? WOW, that went well, huh?

anyway, this rant is not about her and her stoner/drunken voice. this is about the epidemic known as  


Via the premier episode, Spencer Pratt has officially hit a new low on the fashion scale. Apparently he is very much into rockin' the "urban cowboy" look. However, he looks more Brokeback than Stetson, as shown below.

 du nuh, du nuh.....du nuh du nuh du nuh...(that's the Jaw's theme, for any confused readers)


Question: why the eff do they always have to match?  Gag.

I could go on and on, but I think a picture is worth a thousand words. or buckets of vomit.

you decide.


  1. megan....bria...that is enough!! no more speidi, for the love of all things good, no more speidi!! i'm pretty sure i spit up a little bit in my mouth when i saw that picture...friggin nasty. now i'm all riled up and angry!! i can't stand them megan...i can't do it! see, now look at what you've done, you've gone and made the bestie cranky. you should bring me a fountain soda and make it up to me.

  2. Ugh. They make me want to pull out my eyelashes one by one. I loathe them!

  3. Ugh...I hate these two. They're such attentions ho's.


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